Tips on how to protect yourself and your family from harmful mice

Tips on how to protect yourself and your family from harmful mice


Mice are little mammals which belong to the species of rodents. They typically have pointed snouts, large ears and eyes, and the tails are almost hairless. These little animals are considered as household parasites. Mice control techniques are necessary to prevent total damage in your clothing, furniture, and other belongings.

Mice do not only harm the house and anything around their reach, but they also carry several infectious diseases that could affect yours and your family’s health. Due to these reasons, there are mice control techniques which can be used as immediate actions to inhibit the spread of any possible diseases carried by those pests:

Ensure healthy sanitation

Mice can survive in areas even with the meager amount of food. Be sure to clean the cluttered leftovers of your meals and wash your utensils every after use so that mice would not find food for them to survive.


Seal all openings and holes

Since mice are small in size, be sure to lock and seal all holes measuring about 1/4 inch in size so that mice will not be able to infiltrate your rooms, food storage areas, and other containers. Inspect every corner of the house for the possible and make the appropriate steps on covering those flea pits.

Keep your stuff organized

When your stuff is cluttered and is dumped improperly anywhere, mice can easily hide and eventually breeds on those unattended areas. Organizing your belongings can prevent mice from nodding in the place and so for damaging your things they can gnaw.

Use traps

Mice traps are the most conventional way of tricking those pesky rats. There are a lot of mice traps available on the markets today, so make sure that you read the best mouse trap reviews. Follow the advice attached on the label provided on the mice trap products instruction. Classic mice traps, glue boards, and zapper traps are commonly used.

Use mice baits

If the mouse traps do not work, try to use mouse baits. Always remember to follow the procedure as instructed, do not make your version of diluting or mixing any substance. Keep it away from your children and do not store it near your food storage areas to avoid possible mistakes that may lead to poisoning the family members. Commonly use mouse baits peanuts and dry cat food.


Be pro-active

Whenever mice are observed and seen in the area, the best way is to follow the tips mentioned above. It would be wise to coordinate with the people around you or your neighbors on how to prevent mice infestations.


If mice are visible in your area, do not just stand there and make fun of the situation. Make a move to eradicate the problem before it gets uncontrollable. Your family and friends may suffer the diseases carried by the mice in your place. If you cannot control the mice problem alone, you better contact a pest control professional to do the job for you.…